Calabar Daycare


In 1997 Wayne Dawkins a Jamaican born Canadian returned to Jamaica to visit his cousin Merline McLeish in Rio Bueno, Trelawny. On that visit Merline shared with Wayne an idea to start a daycare in Calabar, a small community near the border of Trelawny and St. Ann. The daycare would provide young single mothers in the community of Rio Bueno and surrounding area a place to leave their children while they went to work or continued their education.

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Calabar Basic School


In 1998 there was no basic school in Calabar and many children ages 3-6  years in the neigborhood were not going to school. Parents would have to send their child by taxi to the closest basic school in a neighboring town. The additional cost of travel was going to force single mothers who could not afford the increased expenses to leave their jobs and stay home to care for their children.  To combat the problem community leaders asked the Calabar Daycare Founders if they would be willing to convert their daycare into a basic school. The two founders prayed and then took on the challenge. 22 years later and over 1,000 students served, Calabar Basic School remains a cornerstone in the community with hundreds of alumni.

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