Calabar Basic Needs A Helping Hand

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

The growth of Calabar Basic School in Trelwany, Jamaica has gone through several stages. All have posed very different challenges none greater than the current COVID-19 global pandemic.

Unfortunately, the onset of the Coronavirus, Covid-19 has put a strain on resources and as such, the school which has been around for some 22 years, needs well needed renovations. In order for teaching to continue September some US$25,000 is being sought.

Areas to be addressed are:

1) Security, as the school needs to be properly fenced to ensure the children’s safety

2) There is also the need for expansion of the building to include more classrooms and accommodate more students.

3) Educational resources such as books crayons and Physical Education (P.E) equipment are needed, parent support, teacher training and nutrition are also areas to be addressed.

4) There is also a great need for technological devices such as computers, tablets and smart boards and internet must also be acquired.

These are all necessary as the world moves closer to become fully digital each day, as banks and several government agencies are going paperless. As a result, children must begin to be introduced to technology and how to effectively use devices so as to not be left behind. Additionally, the “new normal” has placed a high demand on technology, especially in education as learning is done remotely/online. If students do not have the necessary devices, they will be left behind.

The Jamaican government is seeking to address this through its Tablets in Schools Programme, where some 40,000 tablets are to be provided for teachers and students, however, this has not yet manifest but should later in 2020. In the meantime, there are children who will be joining the school system for the first time this year and it would be great if they would be able to access devices and not wait in uncertainty. Therefore, I urge people who can assist to donate in whatever way possible as the Calabar Basic School is known for changing lives. Let’s help to ensure that the lives of the future are molded correctly. Those wishing to help may donate using this link:

For those who may hesitate to donate as they consider what they have to donate as a meagre sum, Co-Founder, Wayne Dawkins says it best, “Very few of us have the luxury of giving from our wealth but to give from what you don’t have in faith is the greatest feeling I have ever experienced. Knowing God gets excited when we’re generous despite our circumstances will hopefully inspire us all!”

Dawkins who runs several charities internationally and spearheads this particular initiative says, he will continue to give of himself in whatever way possible. For those unable to donate, I urge you to play your part by sharing the link on social media and elsewhere so that others may be able to donate.

Let’s keep Calabar Basic School up and running so young minds of the community and its environs may be molded for a better tomorrow.

- Myesha Broadie

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