Keneshia Murray

Lead Teacher

Keneshia Murray is the class teacher of Kindergarten 1 and 2 classes. She holds a certificate in Early Childhood Education Level 2. She is currently the lead teacher of the institution and manages the day to day management of the institution. A charismatic young educator who interacts well with both children and their parents. Miss Murray also holds a certificate in Paediatric First Aid. 

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Anekia Christobol


Anekia Christobol is class teacher of Kindergarten 3 class. She holds a certificate in Early Childhood Education Level 2 serves the institution for the past five (5) years. She is a visionary who wants to see the institution excel at all cost. Miss Christobol also holds a certificate in Paediatric First Aid.


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Merline McLeish


Merline McLeish is the co-founder of the Calabar Basic School. This extraordinary child educator created the institution as a Day Care Center in 1997. Upon seeing the dire need for early childhood schooling in the Calabar, Hatfield and Rio Bueno area she opened up her doors in the year 1998 transforming the institution into what would be an academic stronghold beloved by all within the communities it has severed. She holds HEART Early Childhood Education levels 1 & 2 certification and is a graduate of the International University of the Caribbean where she attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education. Throughout her two decade long tenure she was principal and teacher simultaneously and is the current chairperson of the school board. Mrs. Mcleish has continuously developed the institution through infrastructure, educational materials and policies and has been the cornerstone guiding and leading all for the benefit of the children and the community at large. In recent years she has spearheaded the establishment of an evening institute which offers post-secondary education and certification to youths in the community.

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Wayne Dawkins


Wayne Dawkins was born in Halfway Tree, Jamaica and raised in Canada. Wayne graduated from American International University with a Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education with a concentration in Sociology. Wayne is  a devout follower of Jesus Christ and applies his teachings and values to all areas of his life, no matter what the cause, whether it is family, his profession, or helping others. Throughout his vast career, Wayne has spearheaded and co-founded numerous youth-focused projects in the communities he is connected too.

Wayne met his cousin Merline in 1997 when he went back to Jamaica for a visit. Merline shared with him a daycare was desperately needed because without adequate child care many young mothers were trapped in poverty and susceptible to abusive relationships. Immediately Wayne gave what money he had available and went back to Canada to start raising more. Wayne currently remains a member of the board. He provides advice and direction from his own journey as an educator and entrepreneur. Through his company P.H.A.S.E. 1 Youth Association, Wayne continues to raise funds to support the growth and development of Calabar Basic School.